The Foundation

Poverty is a serious threat to a large part of Cambodia’s population (one third of the population lives below the poverty line). It forces many parents to take their children out of school to survive. The children are sent to work in factories or to sell souvenirs to travelers at tourist locations to financially support their families. Once these children reach adulthood, they are very often forced to take on low-paid jobs due to lack of education.

Seametrey Organisation was founded 20 years ago, and the school has been running in its 9th year. From the very beginning, its goal has been to offer underprivileged families a quality education for their children and thus help them break the vicious cycle of poverty. Seametrey runs a Montessory nursery and a primary school. Previously Seametrey School was located in a rented house next door with an enrolment of 92 children, aged 1 to 14 and 10 youth who came part time to learn English and acquire general knowledge. Today Seametrey Children's Village in located in Tonle Bati, 30km south of Phnom Penh. The School moved in 2015 when the lease of the Phnom Penh building expired.

The school policy is social and cultural integration. Parents pay according to their income. Because of the fee structure, the school is partially self-sustainable. The guesthouse is a way to generate further revenues to help sustain, improve and develop the school.

Presently only Khmer teachers are being paid. International staff are unpaid volunteers. Volunteers come from all over the world and stay for anywhere between one month and one year. With the revenue from the guesthouse we hope to improve and extend the facilities offered to the children. We also need to raise money for the continual growth of our new school in Tonle Bati. A jam project has been set up to help achieve this goal. For more information, please visit

Should you wish, we can arrange for you to visit the school in Tonle Bati, you’ll learn more about the Seametrey NGO and the school. Muoy You, the NGO’s founder and director, will be happy to show you around and answer your questions. More info about the Seametrey NGO can be found on its web site at or on its Facebook page at