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#1 by 03/06/2016 17:25

Stayed here for 4 nights a few weeks ago. And I can rnmemcoed this place. They have nice, cheap room I paid $ 16 per night for my room and have nothing to complain about, it is located right in the center of Phnom Pehn so close to everything. Norwegian owners and very friendly staff. They have a bar with cheap prices and they have ok food. They also have a backpacker hotel on the other side of the street where you can stay for $ 4 per night ..Gf6ran

#2 by 03/01/2016 00:16

This is a very good guesthouse. I saetyd 8 days and the room was big and clean, with a big really good bathroom, nice bed! The room also had a closet and a fridge. The staff was very helpful. Because it is in the middle of the nightlife it can be little noisy in the nights but not to much.The location is really good if you wanna go out and party, you have many bars just round the corner! Really nice place I will come back for sure.

#3 by 11/19/2014 10:27

Earlier this year I went to visit this place and it was my most unforgettable trip this year. Spending my birthday at You Khin House was really great and a dream come true.
Staff are very nice. Foods served are authentic Asian! Will come and visit the place some other time soon and will recommend to friends.

#4 by 09/17/2012 10:01

Well maacdaima nuts, how about that.

#5 by Laurence 11/25/2011 03:34

I just got back from a week's stay with Muoy and her wonderful staff - they made our stay very pleasant! The guest house is centrally located to everything worth doing in Phnom Penh. It is a massive bonus that the accommodation helps fund such a worthy cause - I highly recommend a stay here!

#6 by Marky (http://www.nomadicexperiences.com/) 11/08/2011 03:53

I stayed here with my brother just last week and had a great time. It feels like home which further made Phnom Penh a city I would love to go back to again. The interior design creates a wonderful ambiance, the friendly staff are always there to answer queries and offer help. Plus the fact that it also serves as a music and art school for kids makes it more awesome.

#7 by 07/04/2011 17:00

I'm glad that I chosed You Khin House for my stay in Phnom Penh. It truly lives up to its name as the number 1 B&B in Phnom Penh. The friendly staff at the guesthouse was truly the best, it warmth us as though we are at home. Most importantly, the rooms are marvelous! I'm looking forward for a re-visit and for anyone who visits Phnom Penh, You Khin guesthouse is truly the best place to sooth your soul.

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